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[December 2021] Arcane / League of Legends Jinx Keycap Set & Desk Mat


Dive into the explosive world of a Zaun-raised troublemaker, with our Jinx inspired designs from the 'Arcane' Netflix series and the 'League of Legends' game.

We really loved Jinx's vibrant colors and manic personality, which our artists has worked hard in translating it into every area of the design space given.

The design consideration puts in a consistent graffiti-style with special keys that features Jinx's stylistics in her chaotic abilities and gleeful catch phrases.

Our personal favorite desk mat this year has to be from this collection.

When designing this desk mat, we thought of her arsenal of deadly weapons, the loudest blasts and brightest explosions that leaves a trail of mayhem & panic in her presence.

This time, we're also pairing our collection with an exclusive Antidote-Jinx themed merchandise clothing!


Keycap Specification Materials: Total of 108 individual PBT dye-sub keys + additional keys.

Profile: Cherry MX Style Stem Compatible.


* Keycap Set

* Keycap Puller

* Sticker

* Keycap ID Card (each set comes with a special series number)

* FREE SPECIAL KEYCAP (for pre-orders only!)

Expected Shipping Date: March 2022


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