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In the heart of a digital realm, where ones and zeros danced together, a unique keyboard emerged, bearing the name "Cupid-65." Its design was a tribute to the enchanting world of Greek mythology, where gods and mortals intertwined in tales of love and mischief.

Cupid-65's story began with a group of passionate designers from CHAOSERA who shared a love for mythology. Inspired by the mischievous spirit of the cupid from Greek lore, they embarked on a creative journey. Cupid, the adorable and chubby child known for his playful arrows, served as the muse for their endeavor. 1. CUPID BADGE

Introducing the remarkable Cupid65 keyboard kit – a culmination of meticulous effort and intricate craftsmanship. At the heart of this creation lies the exquisite Cupid nameplate, a testament to CHAOSERA's unwavering commitment to detail. Through a thoughtful process, CHAOSERA chose to employ intricate engraving techniques, a choice that demanded both time and dedication. Building upon the initial sample, CHAOSERA made a strategic shift to copper-nickel, effectively resolving the challenge of heavy black borders surrounding the characters. The Cupid image itself underwent meticulous refinement, and to add an authentic touch, a string of Greek characters representing "Cupid" now elegantly graces the base of the nameplate. This badge is more than a mere accessory; it's a symbol of our dedication, hard work, and passion. We earnestly hope that the community derives as much delight from this creation as we did in bringing it to life.

Adorning the keyboard's side is a meticulously engraved tribute to Greek mythology, a tapestry of ancient tales intricately etched to bring the essence of that legendary world to your fingertips. 2. CUSTOM ENTER KEY Paired perfectly with the keyboard kit, Cupid65 includes a standard 2.25u custom keycap. Initially, we provided sample photos, yet upon thoughtful reflection, we found the design to be rather commonplace. Striving for more significance and visual allure, we sketched an arrow penetrating a heart – a symbol both poignant and captivating. Opting for laser engraving over CNC carving, the outcome surpassed our expectations, delighting us with its intricate detailing and meaning.


Experience customization at its finest – choose from a range of finishes including anodizing (green, silver, red, purple, deep blue), e-coated (white, light blue), and powder coating (pink, orange, yellow) to ensure your Cupid65 keyboard seamlessly matches your style and preference.
Specifications of Cupid-65:
Layout: 65% Structure: Traditional gasket mount Connection: Wired / Wireless Battery capacity: 4000mAh PCB: Via-compatible, full RGB, hotswap, with flex cuts Typing angle: 6.5 degrees Case material: 6063 aluminum alloy Surface finishing: Anodizing/Electroplating/Powder coating Plate: Standard PC plate (PCB mounted), optional aluminum plate (PCB mounted) / FR4 plate (PCB mounted) / PC plate(plate mounted) GROUPBUY START: 05/09/2023


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